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How to Unlock Excel Sheet Free – Macro/XML

Locked out of encrypted Excel spreadsheet? Actually unlock password protected Excel sheet is not difficult if you can find password, but it is not so easy as you think if you forgot excel spreadsheet password. Now in this article, I will list two methods that could free unlock encrypted excel sheets without knowing password. They are used usually […]

How to Open Password Protected Word Document

It is smart for you to set password for Word documents in purpose of security. However, in such an era with so strong security awareness, password is more than people can imagine. So sometimes forgot Word password is a usual thing. And methods about how to open password protected word document are also becoming more […]

How to Get My Windows Server 2008 Product Key

I want to reinstall Windows Server 2008, however I lost my server 2008 product key. And you know every 180 days, we will get a new activation key again for Windows Server 2008. This is because Windows server 2008 adopts new product activation mechanism – KMS. The KMS keys, also called product keys, are changed […]


Find or Change Windows server 2012 product key – How to do

Are you still looking for Windows server 2012 product key on the Internet? Generally, Windows server product key is on your computer or stored with Windows 2012 product manual. Or if you have installed it on your computer, it is located in the registry but is encrypted. So how can you do to find or […]

How to find your Windows 8 product key

Have you just installed Windows 8 and lost product key? But unfortunately your Windows 8 is broken suddenly and has to be reinstalled. How to find your Windows 8 product key and reinstall Windows 8 with product key? Don’t be nervous, because there are so many product key finder software now for you to find […]

Windows Server 2012 Forgot Administrator Password

Forgot administrator password on Windows Server 2012 is really a tough spot, especially there is only one administrator account for your Windows Server and many important data are still stored on it. Therefore, a question about how to reset Windows Server 2012 administrator password is put forward instantly. In fact, you don’t have to worry […]

How to unlock Dell Vostro 5560 laptop if forgot Windows 8 password

Are you confused about this issue? I have just bought Dell Vostro 5560 laptop. When my cousin played with it, he changed my laptop login password. But a few minutes later, he forgot Windows 8 password he had set. And he didn’t write it down  for backup. In the case of Windows 8 password forgotten, […]

How to Open Encrypted RAR File on Windows 7

You may be in the face of such situation: Once you have compressed an encrypted secret papers in purpose of security and saving storage, but one day when you want to look up it, however hard you think of password and whatever you try, you still can’t open encrypted rar archive. You may be in […]

Bypass Windows 8 Login password – Sign in Windows automatically

How to bypass Windows 8 login password and sign in Windows 8 automatically? Even though Windows 8 password setup can help us to protect our personal data in public places, but if we are at home, it’s not necessary to enter password when start computer every time. Therefore, we could try to bypass or cancel […]

How do I find my forgotten passwords on my computer Windows 8

Forgot my Windows 8 password? How do I find my forgotten passwords on my computer Windows 8? There is only one local account, a Microsoft account, a picture password and a PIN code for my computer Windows 8. Actually, that is enough to find out forgotten Windows 8 passwords. Way One: Sign in with PIN […]

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