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Forgot WinZip Password | How to Open Locked WinZip File

Locked WinZip file forgot password, how to open locked WinZip file? It seems so difficult and cannot be solved if we plan to directly open WinZip file without any software or help from others. But if we can think it about, we would find as long as we have WinZip password, locked WinZip/7ZIP/ZIP/RAR/WinRAR file could […]

PDF Encryption Remover – How to Remove Encryption from PDF File

As is known, both certificate and password could encrypt PDF file in Adobe Acrobat. So if your PDF file is encrypted, probably it is encrypted with certificate or password. If you don’t remember digital ID file password when PDF file is encrypted with certificate, you would not be able to open encrypted PDF file, not […]

ZIP File Password Recovery after Forgot ZIP/WinZip/7ZIP Password

After forgot ZIP/WinZip/7ZIP password, what can you do for zip file password recovery? As is known, zip file is stored on computer usually. So if you want to recover zip file password, you should consider your situation. Suppose you have only one computer available that saves .zip file, or you have not only one computer […]

How to Extract Embedded Images from Encrypted Word/Excel/PowerPoint

From the article talking about extracting images from Word/Excel/PowerPoint document, we should know there are two freeways helping users easily get out embedded images they want. But when the Word/Excel/PowerPoint file is encrypted, everything becomes different. Probably they would receive following error messages. Moreover, maybe they start to doubt whether they can really extract images […]

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3 Methods to Decrypt Encrypted ZIP/WinZip/7ZIP File without Open Password

It is regretful to hear that you cannot decrypt your encrypted .zip file just because of zip password forgot. But even though this happens suddenly, we could find an effective method to recover zip password and decrypt encrypted zip/winzip/7zip file instantly. Just like the article talking about, both NSIS and iSunshare ZIP Password Genius help […]

Two Ways to Extract Embedded Images from Word/Excel/PowerPoint

Just get an Office document that preserves lots of images you like very much? Do you want to download or save images in Office document? The article talking about how to extract images from Word/Excel/PowerPoint file would be good guide for you if you don’t want to save the images one by one from Office […]

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How to Hide or Unhide ZIP File in Picture (PNG/JPEG/GIF)

Before starting this topic, please make sure why you need to hide files in picture and which files you want to hide. In my point of view, I just would like to protect some important files from unwilling opening or editing. So I think it is worth to compress them to be a zip file […]

Two Options to Create Password Protected RAR File in WinRAR

As common compression software, WinRAR is used usually to create RAR archive even create password protected RAR file. If you also have this problem about how to encrypt RAR file as you like, please follow the article. What I know is that there are two options in WinRAR provided for users to set password to […]

How to Compress .RAR/.ZIP File in Specific Size with WinRAR

Generally, it is not necessary to think of how much the archive would be after compressing a file or folder. However, in some different cases, you would have to make it not larger than specific size. Why and when we need to compress files or folder into .rar or .zip archive with given size? When […]

Remove PDF User and Owner Password with Online PDF Password Remover

PDF user password encrypts PDF file and prevents it from opening, while the owner password specifies operations and restrict editing/printing etc on PDF file. Both of them help to protect PDF file from unwilling opening, editing and printing etc. However, if you want to remove password protection from PDF file for a while, how can […]

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