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Forgot Windows 10 Password to Unlock Samsung Notebook 9

Forgot Windows 10 password to Samsung notebook 9 and in an urgency to login into the laptop? This really makes people anxious. It seems you just cannot access Samsung notebook temporarily. But if you cannot find any effective way to reset, or remove forgotten Windows 10 password to unlock Samsung notebook 9, you would lose […]

How to Unlock HP Elitepad Tablet without Windows 8/8.1 Password

Forgot Windows 8/8.1 password on HP ElitePad tablet and locked out of it? Learn to unlock HP ElitePad tablet without password now in this article. Unlock HP ElitePad tablet with PIN code/Picture password Unlock HP ElitePad tablet by resetting local user password Unlock HP ElitePad tablet by removing local user password Unlock HP ElitePad tablet […]

How to Get into Locked HP Spectre 13 Laptop without Password

Just because of Windows 10 password forgot on my HP Spectre 13 laptop, now I am locked out of it and feel ashamed that my laptop is unexpectedly locked by myself and I cannot find any effective methods to solve it. How can I get into locked HP Spectre 13 laptop without password? Actually this […]

HP Pavilion Password Reset | Unlock HP Pavilion Laptop

How to unlock HP pavilion laptop without password? I just forgot my HP pavilion laptop login password and I am locked out of the HP laptop. But so many important data are saved on this HP laptop that is installed with Windows 10. If you know any ways that can unlock HP laptop, please help […]

How to Bypass HP Laptop Administrator Password to Login

Forgot HP laptop administrator password? Whether you cannot login the locked HP Windows 10 laptop from then on? Surely it is not. Besides forgotten administrator password, there are still other sign-in options and administrator available for Windows 10 laptop login, as long as you have created or owned them. Now follow the article, and you […]

How to Remove Login Password from Dell Precision Windows 7/10 Laptop/PC

How can I reset or remove Dell Precision forgotten login password on Windows 7/10 laptop or PC? When you still remember the login password and you want to reset it, you could follow the two articles to see how to reset dell login password. How to recover login password for Dell Vostro laptop  How to […]

How to Unlock Dell XPS Laptop Windows 10 Password Forgot

Just because of Windows 10 login password forgot, I am locked out of my Dell XPS 15 laptop. I know Windows system reinstallation can help me to remove forgotten password and unlock locked laptop. But I don’t want to lose important data saved on the laptop at the same time. Is there any way that […]

Reset Windows 10 Desktop Password Forgot on Dell XPS 8700/8900

Forgot Dell XPS 8700/8900 desktop password? Do you know how to reset Windows 10 desktop password for Dell XPS 8700/8900? From the image above, we know the Dell XPS desktop login account is local account. So now we can follow the methods below to reset Dell XPS 8700/8900 desktop windows 10 local account password. Sign […]

How to Repair and Extract Corrupt Multi-part Archive without Recovery Utility

Multipart RAR/ZIP files have brought several conveniences to users who want to compress and save large files on disk or optical drive. And it is a good choice for people when they need to transfer and share mass data safely and effectively through Internet. Besides, multipart RAR files has followed AES encryption algorithm for data […]

How to Extract Multi-Volume RAR/ZIP File in WinRAR

Have you gotten zip/rar archive that contains multiple volumes or parts? Do you want to extract single file from the multi-part zip/rar archive to view its content? Do you know how to extract all files from the zip/rar archive that has been compressed in several volumes at once? In this article, you would find the […]

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