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Bypass Windows 10 Login Screen after Forgot Administrator Password

If you can sign in computer, surely you can easily set automatic login to Windows 10/8 with Microsoft account or Local account. But if forgot login administrator password, how can you bypass Windows 10 login screen and automatically sign in computer? With this tutorial introduced below, you would learn two effective ways that could bypass […]

How to Unlock Lenovo Laptop Password Windows 10 Forgot

I have a Lenovo laptop just upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. But now suddenly found Windows 10 password was forgotten. And I cannot find a password reset disk that could reset it. So how can I unlock my Lenovo laptop after Windows 10 forgot? Undoubtedly, Windows 10 forgotten password reset or remove could […]

Reset Built-in Administrator Password after Forgot in Windows 10

Built-in administrator comes with Windows system and has the highest privileges to computer. At the same time, it is not protected with any password. So if you have enabled it, then everyone could easily access your computer. Surely, you can disable it to prevent this happening, but someone would choose to set a complicated password for it. Then […]

Lenovo Tablet Windows 8.1/10 Password Reset without Disk

Forgot Lenovo tablet Windows 8.1/10 password and no available reset disk? If your Lenovo Windows 8.1/10 tablet login user is Microsoft account, then password reset disk would be not so important, because you can reset forgotten Microsoft account password on Microsoft website to login Lenovo tablet. If Lenovo tablet login user is local user account […]

Forgot Windows 10 Password to Unlock Samsung Notebook 9

Forgot Windows 10 password to Samsung notebook 9 and in an urgency to login into the laptop? This really makes people anxious. It seems you just cannot access Samsung notebook temporarily. But if you cannot find any effective way to reset, or remove forgotten Windows 10 password to unlock Samsung notebook 9, you would lose […]

How to Unlock HP Elitepad Tablet without Windows 8/8.1 Password

Forgot Windows 8/8.1 password on HP ElitePad tablet and locked out of it? Learn to unlock HP ElitePad tablet without password now in this article. Unlock HP ElitePad tablet with PIN code/Picture password Unlock HP ElitePad tablet by resetting local user password Unlock HP ElitePad tablet by removing local user password Unlock HP ElitePad tablet […]

How to Get into Locked HP Spectre 13 Laptop without Password

Just because of Windows 10 password forgot on my HP Spectre 13 laptop, now I am locked out of it and feel ashamed that my laptop is unexpectedly locked by myself and I cannot find any effective methods to solve it. How can I get into locked HP Spectre 13 laptop without password? Actually this […]

HP Pavilion Password Reset | Unlock HP Pavilion Laptop

How to unlock HP pavilion laptop without password? I just forgot my HP pavilion laptop login password and I am locked out of the HP laptop. But so many important data are saved on this HP laptop that is installed with Windows 10. If you know any ways that can unlock HP laptop, please help […]

How to Bypass HP Laptop Administrator Password to Login

Forgot HP laptop administrator password? Whether you cannot login the locked HP Windows 10 laptop from then on? Surely it is not. Besides forgotten administrator password, there are still other sign-in options and administrator available for Windows 10 laptop login, as long as you have created or owned them. Now follow the article, and you […]

How to Remove Login Password from Dell Precision Windows 7/10 Laptop/PC

How can I reset or remove Dell Precision forgotten login password on Windows 7/10 laptop or PC? When you still remember the login password and you want to reset it, you could follow the two articles to see how to reset dell login password. How to recover login password for Dell Vostro laptop  How to […]

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