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Four ways to speed up Android phone performance

If your android run slowly, I recommend you try the following ways to speed up your android phone performance. Why your android phone run slowly, see why does my android phone run slow. Three ways to speed up Android phone performance Add an extend micro SD card to android phone Uninstall the unused apps to speed up […]

How to Add Micro SD Card to Android Phone to Speed Up Performance

You can add a micro SD card to your android phone to extend storage and speed up your android phone performance.

How to clear app cache and data android phone

This post tells you how to clear app cache and data on android phone.

Why does my android phone run slow

This post explains why your android phone will run slow, and tells you how to fix the issue to speed up your android phone.

How to uninstall an app on android phone

I recommend you uninstall the app you doesn’t need from your android phone to speed up your android phone. Follow the guide below to do that.

How to Unlock Password Protected Excel File | Excel File Unlocker

As we know, MS Excel has a protection feature that everyone could protect excel file by locking it for viewing and editing. If you know the password, probably you have idea to unlock the password protected excel file. But if you forgot password, how can you do to remove lock from excel file without data […]

2 Ways to Disable Protected View for Office 2010 to Enable Editing

Many new usability and security features have come to Microsoft Office 2010 and later versions, which helps protect documents from embedded plugins and viruses, simultaneously keeps users’ computer run smoothly. But it doesn’t mean you cannot disable all the features, such as disable Protected View to edit Office documents. Protected View is a read-only mode […]

How to Remove or Disable Read Only in Excel File

Surely, read-only excel file could prevent accidental changes on it. But read-only mode could be removed or disabled as you wish anytime when you want to edit excel file? I don’t know. But I think some options you have used to set excel workbook read only, would be able to remove this setting always. So […]

How to Set Excel Workbook Read Only to Restrict Changes

Whether you want other people to edit your excel workbook without permission? If not, then setting your excel workbook read only is a common but good method for you to choose. If you have no idea about how to set excel workbook read only, following article would tell you several ways that you can use […]

4 Ways to Reset Windows Live ID Forgotten Password

What is a Windows Live ID? It is an ID composed from an email address and password, which you can use to login to most Microsoft websites or services (Hotmail, Xbox Live, SkyDrive and Messenger, Zune), get access to Windows 8/10 features(Skydrive and APP Store), and sign in Windows 10/8.1/8 computer while it is also […]

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