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3 Methods to Hide or Unhide One or Multiple Sheets in Excel 2016-2007

Do you want to hide sheets for protection or unhide hidden worksheets for visible in Excel 2016/2013/2010/2007? Here 3 effective methods would be talked about in this passage and you can learn how to hide or unhide worksheets in Excel with them. GUI – Graphical User Interface VBA – Visual Basic Application Custom View Method […]


3 Ways to Rename Multiple Worksheets Manually or Automatically in Excel

If you have lots of worksheets needed to be renamed now, how will you do? Rename them manually one by one with “Rename” command in Excel or automatically with VBA code or other programs? Just see three ways talked about in this post, you will have your best choice. Way 1: Rename multiple worksheets with […]

2 Ways to Rename Multiple Workbooks in Excel 2010

Renaming workbook or worksheet is usual thing in MS Excel 2016-2003 no matter the workbook or worksheet is opened or closed. It would make all the workbooks different from each other. So when you need to change the workbook name, please follow this article, which would take excel workbook 2010 as example to introduce how […]

How to save camera photos to SD card android default

This guide tells you how to make a setting on your android phone to save camera photos to SD card on android phone automatically. When the internal storage is full, the camera app will save new photos to SD card automatically. However, if the internal storage isn’t full, and you find camera app don’t save photos to SD card […]

How to set SD card as default storage android phone

If you find your android phone run slowly, you can add a micro SD card to android phone, and set SD card as default storage android phone to speed up your phone. Step by step guide to set SD card as default storage on android: 1.  For most of android phones, follow these instructions: Setting -> Storage ->Default […]

How to install Android app on SD card

This post  tells you how to install Android app on SD card to save internal storage. Most of the android phone set the internal storage as default storage, so the app will be installed on internal storage except the free space of the internal storage is not enough for the app. So, you must set the SD card as […]

How to Remove Workbook Protection Excel 2010 without Password

“I have a workbook 2010 that is password protected but I forgot excel password to open and edit. Do you know which way I could use to remove workbook protection to make it unprotected?” If forgot excel password to open, I think you would need to remove workbook open password protection. If forgot excel password […]


Four ways to speed up Android phone performance

If your android run slowly, I recommend you try the following ways to speed up your android phone performance. Why your android phone run slowly, see why does my android phone run slow. Three ways to speed up Android phone performance Add an extend micro SD card to android phone Uninstall the unused apps to speed up […]

How to add a micro SD card to android phone

ou can add a micro SD card to your android phone to extend storage and speed up your android phone performance

How to clear app cache and data android phone

This post tells you how to clear app cache and data on android phone.


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