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Data Recovery

How to Recover USB Flash Drive Data in Windows 10

USB flash drive data have been lost because of careless format. Do you have any ways or tools that could recover USB flash drive data? The answer is surely yes. But which way or which data recovery tool that can help effectively recover USB flash drive formatted data effectively? This seems to become another important […]

How to Recover SD Card Data in Windows 10

My data has been lost from SD card. Do you know how can I recover the lost card data in my Windows 10 computer? If you have data recovery software for recovering data from memory card, I think it would be no problem. So in this passage, I will show you a powerful data recovery […]

How to Back up Android App Data to Cloud without Root

At most of time, while we want to add new applications and delete unnecessary programs from Android phone, rooting Android phone is inevitable. Similarly, when we plan to back up Android app data with mobile manager, we also have to root Android device first. Is there way that can back up Android app data without […]

Common Way to Back up Android Phone – Mobile Manager

After Android mobile phone factory reset, or some apps uninstallation, data would be lost from Android phone undoubtedly. However, this is not what we want it happen. So in order to restore Android phone lost data, we just could back up them before erasing Android phone or uninstalling Android apps. And in our impression, mobile […]

Cell Phone Data Recovery – Recover Android Phone and iPhone Lost Data Effectively

Android and iOS are two popular mobile phone systems nowadays. Nearly everyone has such cell phone that stores lots of important data. However, data loss seems to be inevitable in daily usage. When Android or Apple iPhone data are deleted or lost, what can you do to recover lost data from Android phone and iPhone? […]

Dell Server Lost Data Recovery – Which Tool Can Recover Effectively

For personal owner of Dell Server, lost server data may just lead to some important data disappearance. For corporation, maybe lost data are important and related to the business of corporation. No matter who it is for, data recovery seems so necessary. So when there is no backup for restoring lost server data, recover dell […]

How Does Data Recovery from Sony Memory Card

Files deleted from Sony memory card? Significant photos lost from your Sony camera memory card? In fact, no matter files or photos or others are lost from memory card, keep calm down, because ways are always available. Now one or two of them will be introduced here. Follow them if you have no idea, or […]

Measures to Prevent Data Loss after Hard Disk Formatting

Lost data could be surely recovered with software after deletion, format or virus attack. However, I believe all of us would not like to go for it. Data recovery is not the best way to solve data loss problem. The key to this problem is how to effectively keep data safe. If we want to […]

How to Retrieve Important Data after Deleted or Lost Accidently

Something always happens inadvertently. If you couldn’t do with it well, it will affect your work, especially your career, or you would lose something important in your life. For example, important data is deleted or lost at these moments: Case 1: When you have prepared to visit a client vitally important for your company, you […]

How to Back Up and Restore Files on Microsoft Surface

Believe most of you have known how usual system and files backup works and how to restore backups from Backup and Restore Center. So this article shows you special ways to back up and restore files and folder for Surface, which is different from usual perspective. Now please see them in two parts: How to […]