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Remove Password for Locked Windows 7 Boot from Hard Drive Completely

Windows operational system locked leads to Windows 7 not boot from hard drive completely. Actually, that just needs you to type correct password to login Windows 7. But you forgot or don’t have the password. So removing Windows 7 login password becomes our first important job if we have to boot Windows 7 successfully from […]

Notes on Windows 7 Password Reset with Third-Party Software

Nowadays, more and more third-party software support Windows 7 password reset. Undoubtedly it brings us convenience when we need to get into locked Windows 7 computer after password forgot. But a problem has ever appeared. The software is so much that ordinary computer users cannot choose one effective from them. Now the passage will choose […]

Quick Way to Reset Windows Server Password on Domain Controller

Windows Server Password reset will be not a hard thing since powerful third party Windows password recovery could recover different kinds of password, surely including domain controller domain password. However, the third party Windows password recovery software is so much. If you want to find the quickest and effective one, I will recommend you Windows Password […]

Gifts for Windows User Password Reset on Lenovo Thinkpad Laptop

One of my friends encounter Windows password problem on Lenovo Thinkpad laptop, but she couldn’t solve it long time later. Maybe there is a sound in her mind which are saying God helps me. So, now I pretend to be God’s errands to send her two gifts for Windows user and password reset. The first […]

How to Factory Reset a Samsung Laptop

What is Samsung laptop user confused with? I just buy a new Samsung laptop. I set a password for administrator account. While I begin to login Windows the second time, I suddenly couldn’t remember what the login password is. Is there any simple and effective way to reset my Samsung laptop? Problem analysis: According to […]

How to Reset Password on Samsung Laptop

Recently, I usually see the topic about factory reset Samsung laptop. It is actually a practical option when people forgot Samsung laptop password and have no idea. Especially Samsung Recovery Solution could help to restore Samsung PC or laptop to early backup point. But it won’t work if we have no backup of Samsung laptop or […]

How to Login Laptop after Forgot Password with Reset Disk

I have a laptop I have forgotten password. I remember I have ever created a password reset disk for login user. So how can I login my laptop with reset disk? My laptop is installed with Windows 8. First, I should congratulate you had the password reset disk, the common but effective disc for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP […]


Forgot Dell Latitude Tablet Windows 8 Password – How to Reset

Are you locked out of Dell Latitude Tablet? Do Windows 8 login password forgotten? Restore it to factory set maybe solve this problem, but it will remove all the data on your tablet at the same time. So if you are a tablet PC newbie, I recommend you the Windows Password Genius tool. Believe that […]

How to Reset Password on Acer Iconia W700 Windows 8 Tablet

Acer Iconia W700 password lost? Forgot Windows 8 tablet password? It is an issue that all of us have experienced sometimes. In this article, I will introduce an easy way for you to reset Acer Iconia tablet forgotten password. First, you need a bootable USB reset disk. If you have possessed one, just connect it […]


How to Reset Windows 8 on a Tablet

Since the Windows Surface Tablet appears, tablet has brought many changes on Windows operational system, including Windows 8. As the newest Windows OS user, maybe you have encountered different kinds of problems. However, no matter what you met, such as forgot Windows login password, the most original and the important way to reset Windows 8 […]


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