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How to Move Wordpress to a New Server

This post shows you how to move your Wordpress to a new server or hosting quickly without any limitation.

To move a Wordpress, three parts you need to move to new server:

1. Images, videos, audios.

2. Themes

3. Database, include articles, comments, account informations.

Simple for moving Wordpress from A server to B server:


Step 1: Use putty to SSH to your A server, zip-compress the Wordpress directory. e.g. zip -r wordpress.zip wordpress_directory . Or you can login to Cpanel and use file manager tool to zip-compress the Wordpress directory.

Step 2: SSH to your A server, and use sql command to export data from data base. e.g mysqldump -p -u database_user database_name > database_backup.sql. You can file data name and user on wp-config.php file. wp-config.php on Wordpress directory.

Step 3: Use ftp client to download wordpress.zip and database_backup.sql file, and update them to B server. Or use ssh to login B server, and use wget command to copy them to B server.

Step 4: SSH to B server, unzip wordpress.zip to wordpress directory. Or login CPanel and use file manager tool to unzip it.

Step 5: login Cpanel of B server, and use MySQL Databases tool to create a new database which has the same database name, user account, and password as the old database on A server. You can find the database name, user, and password on wp-config.php file.

Step 6: SSH to B server, use sql command to import data to new database. e.g mysql -p -u database_user new_database < database_backup.sql

OK. You can access new wordpress on new server.


Tips: If you want to use sql command to access a rumote computer, you must add the IP Address of the computer running sql command to the rumote sql server. Cpanel -> rumote sql -> add ip address.


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