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Bypass Forgotten Windows Password for Automatic Login

How to bypass Windows password and automatically login computer? For this problem, we can consider in two situations.

1. When you could access computer, "netplwiz" would help you to easily bypass Windows login screen, surely including Windows password.

2. When you cannot access computer after password forgot, how can you bypass forgotten Windows password to login computer?

In order to solve this problem effectively, we can think about all the cases we may met.

Case 1: have enabled built-in administrator without password

Just access computer with built-in administrator and you could bypass Windows password with "netplwiz".

Case 2: have another available administrator

If the forgotten-password user is just one of the Windows login user accounts, and you could find another administrator on login screen, just switch login user and sign in computer with administrator. Then you would know how to bypass Windows forgotten password with "netplwiz" or with command prompt.

Case 3: forgot Windows only administrator password

If it is the only available administrator you forgot password, you would need to remove forgotten admin password from locked computer and then you could bypass Windows administrator password to automatically login.

Actually, no matter which case you are facing, as long as you get one utility, Windows Password Genius, it would help to remove and bypass Windows password for any local user accounts.

Remove Windows forgotten password easily with iSunshare tool

iSunshare Windows Password Genius is recommended here, not only because it can remove forgotten Windows login user password from locked computer, but also it could reset email account login password at the same time.

Step 1: Take an accessible computer to install and run iSunshare tool.

Get iSunshare Windows Password Genius Advanced on another computer you prepared. Then install and run it following the installation wizard.

take accessible computer to run isunshare password tool

Step 2: Burn the iSunshare password tool into bootable removal device.

As long as the removal device is writable and bootable, you can use it to burn iSunshare Windows Password Genius Advanced. Usually, we choose common USB flash drive (or CD/DVD-ROM). Plug it into accessible computer. Then select it and click Begin burning button on iSunshare tool to burn Windows Password Genius Advanced program into USB flash drive.

burn isunshare password tool into removal usb

When it is burned into USB flash drive successfully, you would get a USB password reset disk, which you can use to remove or reset Windows forgotten password.

Step 3: Boot locked computer from USB password disk.

Connect your locked computer and USB password reset disk. And start locked computer to enter its BIOS Settings where you can change boot order and set computer boot from USB flash drive. When this comes true, iSunshare Windows Password Genius Advanced program would run on your locked computer and list all Windows user accounts.

boot computer from usb password remove disk

Step 4: Remove forgotten Windows administrator password from computer.

Select the administrator on Windows Password Genius Advanced user list, and click Reset Password button. Then tap "Yes" to confirm you would remove administrator forgotten password. At last administrator password becomes blank.

remove forgotten windows administrator password

Bypass Windows forgotten administrator password to login computer automatically

bypass windows forgotten administrator password to login

After removing forgotten administrator password with Windows Password Genius Advanced, please continue to do like this. Otherwise, you would need to remove password again with iSunshare tool on locked computer while you want to bypass Windows login password.

1. Tap on Reboot button on Windows Password Genius Advanced.

2. Immediately drop USB password reset disk out from locked computer before computer really restarts.

3. Locked computer would automatically boots from hard drive.

4. On login screen, select the administrator you have removed password and sign in computer without password. It means you have could bypass forgotten Windows password to login automatically.

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