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3 Options to Promote Standard User to Administrator in Windows 10/8/7

As we know, only Administrator has complete control over the PC. And if you are a standard user now, you can change it to administrator as long as you have admin access to Windows computer.

Here are 3 common options for you to promote standard user to administrator in Windows 10/8/7 while you can log on to Windows computer with admin account.

  1. Method 1: using Control Panel
  2. Method 2: via Command Prompt
  3. Method 3: through Computer Management


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Method 1: Using Control Panel

1. Open Control Panel and view by Category.

open control panel and view by category

2. Click Change account type under User Accounts.

Confirm the UAC and continue to do. If you can't type an administrator password, please recover Windows password at first.

confirm to change account type

3. Choose the standard user you want to change to administrator.

choose standard user in control panel

4. Click the option Change the account type again next to standard user.

change selected account type

5. Choose account type Administrator and confirm Change Account Type.

change standard user to administrator


Method 2: Via Command Prompt

1. Open Command Prompt and run as administrator.

2. Type the following command in the Command Prompt window and hit Enter. Replace Genius with the name of your standard user account.

net localgroup Administrators Genius /add

promote standard user to administrator via command prompt

3. Now you have successfully changed/promoted standard user to administrator.

Method 3: Through Computer Management

1. Right click This PC (or My Computer) and click on Manage.

2. When Computer Management opens, right click the standard user and choose Properties.

choose standard user in computer management

3. Tap on Member Of in Properties window, and click on Add button.

set standard user as new group member

4. A new dialog Select Groups will open. Click the Advanced option.

begin to select group

5. Continue to click Find Now. There you can see all the groups you can select. Choose Administrators and click OK.

find and select group Administrators

6. Click OK again and again to apply the changes. The standard user will become administrator.

confirm to add standard user to Administrators group


Suppose you find you have lost administrator rights in Windows, please get back and then follow above methods to change standard user to administrator in Windows computer.


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