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How to Save, View and Remove Password in Google Chrome

By default, you will be asked about "Do you want Google Smart Lock to save your password for this site?" when it is your first time to sign in a website. Then how can you save, view and remove password in Google Chrome? We will provide tutorial for you in this post.

How to Save Password in Google Chrome

To save your password, just click on the Save button in the dialog as the image below. Thus you can sync your accounts online and use them across devices.

save password in chrome browser

How to View Password Saved in Chrome Browser

In a long time, you will automatically log in the websites, so probably the password won't be remember correctly. Thus when we need to enter the site by other browser or devices, we need to view password saved in Chrome browser? Two ways are provided below:

Way 1: view password saved in Chrome browser via Settings

Step 1: Open your Chrome browser and click the triple dot icon from the top-right corner. Scroll down and select the Settings option.

scroll down select settings

Step 2: There will pop up a window. Scroll down and click Advanced button at the bottom of the page. Go to the Passwords and forms section and select Manage passwords.

passwords and forms and manage passwords

Step 3: Choose the password of an account you’d like to see, clickmore icon for details> Details.

saved password details

Step 4: Click the eyelike icon to the right of password, and input your Windows login password when a dialog pops up and asks.

click the eye icon

Way 2: view password saved in Chrome browser by Chrome Password Genius

Step 1: Free download the Chrome Password Genius and run. The wizard will guide you to install the program.

download isunshare chrome password genius

Step 2: Once you open it, just click the Recover button to restore all Chrome browser saved passwords at once. After that, you can tap on Save to save all the passwords for a rainy day.

recover saved password and save

How to Remove Password Saved in Chrome Browser

In order to remove password saved in Chrome browser, here provides two methods in the following.

Method 1: delete Chrome saved password through "Advanced" settings

If you want just a few passwords to be deleted, you can follow the step below:

1. In the top-right corner, clickmore icon for advanced> Settings > Advanced.

2. In the “Passwords and forms” section, click Manage passwords.

3. Under Saved Passwords, clickmore icon for save passowrds> Remove.

click remove

Method 2: clear the saved passwords from Chrome "History"

Once you may need to clear all the saved passwords data, you go to "History".

1. At the top-right corner, clickmore icon for history> History.

2. In the left panel, click Clear browsing data.

3. On the pop-up window, tick Passwords then click CLEAR BROWSING DATA button.

clear browsing data password

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