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Enter Advanced Startup Options in Locked Windows 10/8

What is Advanced Startup Options?

The Advanced Startup Options is available in Windows 10 and 8, where you can access Startup Settings and several Windows diagnostic and repair tools.

Generally, when your Windows 10/8 computer has startup errors twice, the option would appear automatically. But if you want to open it manually, it is necessary to follow other ways.

For example, you can find advanced startup options easily in Search box or Settings > Update & Security > Recovery if you are in accessible Windows 10/8.1/8 computer.

But if you are locked out of Windows 10/8.1/8 because of Windows password forgot or other reasons, you have to use other methods listed in this article.

  1. Method 1: Shift + Restart key
  2. Method 2: Windows 10/8 installation media


Method 1: Shift + Restart key

1. Start locked Windows 10/8 computer.

2. On the sign-in screen, hold on Shift key and tap on Restart from Power icon.

enter advanced startup options with shift key

3. Wait until the Advanced Startup Options menu opens.

aaccess advanced startup options menu

Sometimes you need to click "Troubleshoot" and choose "Advanced options", and then you could see Advanced Options menu. Just like the method 2.


Method 2: Windows 10/8 installation media

1. Get the Windows 10/8 installation media you have or from others.

If you have no such disc, you could also burn the installation media now with bootable devices, CD/DVD-ROM or USB flash drive.

2. Insert the media into Windows 10 or 8 computers.

3. Boot computer from installation disc, usually it is a CD or USB disc.

So you can follow the guide to boot locked computer from installation media.

4. Click Next on Windows Setup screen after computers boot from removal disc.

boot computer from installation media

5. Tap on Repair your computer link at the bottom of the window.

choose to repair computer

6. Advanced Startup Options will start immediately after you click on "Troubleshoot" and "Advanced options".

choose troubleshoot option

choose advanced options

Whenever you want to finish using the Advanced Startup Options menu, you can choose Continue to restart your computer. And this will exit Advanced Startup Options and boot back into Windows 10/8 if it works properly. Or you can directly turn off your PC to exit the options.


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