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Six Effective Methods for Windows NT Password Reset

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When we forgot Windows NT password, how to do for Windows NT password reset? From easy to hard, let’s learn ways that can reset Windows NT all versions password as more as possible.

For Windows NT 3.1/3.5/3.51/4.0/5.0/5.1/5.2/6.0/6.1/6.2/6.3 password reset, follow these two easy ways.

Way 1: Reset Windows NT Password with Disk

After password reset disk creation, if you forgot password to login Windows NT computer, you can click Reset Password button after you type wrong password. And Password Reset Wizard will guide you to reset forgotten Windows NT password with reset disk.  

How to create password reset disk on accessible Windows NT computer?

When your computer is accessible, login in to Windows NT with administrator and create one password reset disk in Control Panel. In Windows XP, login computer without using "Welcome Screen". Press Ctrl + Alt + Del, and Windows security window pops up. Click Change password/Reset password button, and Password Reset window appears.

In this window, click the "Backup" button to backup current user password and activate Forgot Password Wizard. Create password reset disk by following the wizard.

Way 2: Reset Windows NT Password with Tool

Besides password reset disk, Windows password recovery tool is undoubtely another one that can create password reset disk to reset Windows NT password effectively and safely. And iSunshare Windows Password Genius is such software usually used to burn Windows NT password reset disk.

But if you want to effectively reset Widnows NT forgotten password, you have to choose appropriate edition of Windows Password Genius. Different edition supports different Windows NT.

Common steps to reset or remove Windows NT password with Windows Password Genius:

  1. Install it on another available computer, and burn password reset disk with it and bootable USB or CD/DVD ROM.
  2. Set your locked computer boot from password reset disk, USB flash drive or CD/DVD ROM.
  3. Reset Windows password in WinPE environment.
    After computer boots from USB or CD ROM, choose Windows operational system and administrator account, and click Reset Password button. Then the selected user password will be reset or removed.

For previous Windows NT/2000/XP, following methods are available too but they will be more difficult than above methods.

Method 1: Offline NT Password & Registry Editor Reset Windows Password

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor could be used to create a Linux boot disk. And NT password in Linux boot disk could be run to reset Windows password. Suggesting you use quick mode to list all of user accounts in Windows system. So you could choose the account you want to change or remove password. If you don’t choose, administrator will be chosen default and its password will be changed.

offline nt password &registry editor

Detailed steps:

  1. Get Offline NT Password Registry Editor and use it to create a live cd or bootable USB disk.
  2. Set your computer to boot with the USB.
  3. Follow the Windows password reset instruction to finish the operation when the password reset program starts.

Learn more details about how to use it in http://pogostick.net/~pnh/ntpasswd/walkthrough.html.

Method 2: Delete SAM File to Reset Windows Password

As we all know, SAM file is the account password database file. Windows NT/2000/XP account and password are saved in the SAM file in the route WINNT\system32\Config\. When we are trying to login into Windows with account and password, Windows system will check them with SAM file saved in Config to confirm whether we could access Windows.

delet sam file

How to delete SAM file to reset Windows password? The two options below are useful:

Option 1: If there are two Windows operational systems on your computer and you don’t care any accounts in your previous system. And you boot your computer with one of Windows systems which could access NTFS. If not, other software also could help you to access NTFS. And then navigate to C:\WINNT\system32\Config\, look for SAM file and delete it.

Option 2: Move disk to other computers to delete SAM file.

After SAM file deletion, reboot computer. At this time, administrator password has been removed. You could sign in to Windows using administrator account without password. Reset administrator password again after you access Windows NT system.

Method 3: Install Another Same Windows System in Other Partition

Step 1: Backup boot sector MBR (Master Boot Record).
There are several methods for MBR backup, programming or using software, such as KV3000.

Step 2: Install another same Windows system in other disk partition, such as Windows XP, and make the partition formatted with the same way.

Step 3: Login into Windows with administrator after system installation. Now you have all the privileges of writing in previous Windows XP.
Or copy the previous SAM file, and get original password with LophtCrack.

find windows password from sam file

Or take all the files in WINNT\System32\Config\ to cover the files in C:\WINNT\System32\Config (Suppose previous Windows XP is installed here).

Step 4: Restore backup of MBR with KV3000 and login previous Windows XP with administrator.

Method 4: Reset Windows Password with Script

Startup scripts in Windows XP are the bat files before Windows logon screen appears, which is similar to the autoexec.bat in Windows 9X and DOS. Making use of this characteristic, you can edit one bat file and add it to startup scripts. And if you make it run when computer is booting, and Windows password reset would come true.

Suppose Windows system is C:\Windows, and detailed steps are followings:

  1. Start computer with Windows 98 boot disk. And edit one bat file a.bat with one command "net user rwd 12345678".
    This command is used to reset user rwd password as 12345678.
    And then save a.bat in C:\windows\system32\GroupPolicy\Machine\Scripts\Startup.
  2. Create startup/shutdown script configuration file scripts.ini, and you couldn’t change its name.
  3. Save scripts.ini in C:\winnt\system32\GroupPolicy\Machine\Scripts.
  4. Exit Windows 98 boot disk and reboot computer to run scripts. After scripts runs, user "rwd" password would be reset as 12345678.
  5. After you login Windows successfully, remember delete the two files created in above two steps.

From Windows NT introductions, we know it has included Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and Windows server system etc now. So if you feel above methods cannot help you, you can take iSunshare Windows Password Genius to reset Windows NT password, which will help you all times. Or follow artilce below to learn how to reset Windows password for different Windows NT system version.

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